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A decade of open data, test your knowledge of Seattle data

On average, how many 911 calls were placed per day in Seattle in 2019? What was the most popular name of dogs licensed? Which direction do most bikes travel on the Fremont Bridge? You don’t have to look far to find the answers. Since the launch of the City of… [ Keep reading ]

Updates from the Open Data program

Today, the Open Data team and all who contribute to the Open Data program here at the City of Seattle are proud to share updates on our accomplishments in 2017, provide more details about the work we will do throughout 2018, and let you know about a new look for… [ Keep reading ]

Open Data Day is Saturday, March 3!

As this coming Saturday, March 3, is Open Data Day 2018 – The City’s Open Data Team wanted share an update on a cool local event to mark the day, as well as highlight the work we’re doing to create a great open data platform to benefit the city of… [ Keep reading ]

Facebook hackathon applied Machine Learning to our Open Data platform

In October, Facebook held a civic hackathon, inviting in-house engineers as well as representatives from other tech companies to apply machine learning to our open data platform ( to solve problems. (If you don’t know what machine learning is, here is a great primer: In machine learning, computers apply… [ Keep reading ]

Civic Metadata Standards and their usage within our Open Data Program

Earlier this year, we redesigned our open data portal and wrote a blog post at that time outlining the updates we made and the rationale behind them. In that blog post, we spoke to some of the related work we would be doing regarding making improvements to the metadata of… [ Keep reading ]

A new look for our Open Data portal |

In our 2017 Open Data Plan, we identified five main priorities for the work we wished to accomplish this year. Priority number three is to “Increase the discoverability of our Open Data to the public”, and we are excited to announce the availability of a key deliverable that addresses that… [ Keep reading ]

City of Seattle’s Open Data Program releases its 2016 Annual Report and 2017 Open Data Plan

Today the Seattle Open Data Program has published its 2016 Annual Report as well as its 2017 Open Data Plan. As this is the first time the City has released either of these publications, it marks an important step forward in the maturation of our Open Data Program. The Open… [ Keep reading ]

Recently published Open Datasets on

Since the beginning of 2017 we have had several noteworthy open dataset releases happen, such as the Seattle Police Department Use of Force datasets and more recently a very large dataset from the Seattle Public Library containing Check Out data from 2005 to the present day. In addition to those… [ Keep reading ]

Check Out Open Data from the Library

The Seattle Public Library has released a dataset to the City’s open data portal called Checkouts by Title. The dataset includes a count of checkouts by month of both physical and digital items, and spans from 2005 to the present. Check out more information that the Library has posted over at… [ Keep reading ]

Let It Snow! New Open Datasets

We are pleased to announce the publication of 22 open datasets (21 of them new) related to the City’s storm response, just in time for tonight’s community design workshop. You can find all of them by going to and searching “storm response.” Here’s a comprehensive list of all the… [ Keep reading ]