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Updates from the Open Data program

Today, the Open Data team and all who contribute to the Open Data program here at the City of Seattle are proud to share updates on our accomplishments in 2017, provide more details about the work we will do throughout 2018, and let you know about a new look for our Open Data program website!


2017 Annual Report:

The “2017 Annual Report” (link) highlights the large volumes of new open data that we pushed onto our open data portal ( in 2017.2017 open datasets overview

76 datasets resulting in 130 million rows of new data were added to our platform, empowering the public with additional rich sources of data. The report also highlights the many other accomplishments of the dedicated City staff who help identify, create and release high-value datasets onto our open data platform.


2018 Open Data Plan:

The “2018 Open Data Plan” (link) gives a detailed overview of the work that the Open Data team will complete in 2018, with work on the top priorities well under way!

  1. Improve how our City departments release open data
  2. Make our Open Data more accessible to the public
  3. Implement recommendations from assessments of our Open Data program
  4. Make continuous quality improvements to our Open Data platform
  5. Improve our usage of data to identify high-value open datasets


We plan to build on the progress made in 2017 to enable our departments to release more datasets that update automatically, remove/update stale datasets and continue to improve our metadata quality, and increase our efforts to make our open data more accessible to the public – through visualizations, storytelling and enabling additional ways for the public to avail of our open data through systems already familiar to them.


Updated Open Data program page:

We have updated our website ( to make it easier for the public to access key information related to the Open Data program, such as our Annual Report and Open Data plan.

Updated open data program website


Special thanks to all members of the Open Data Champions network who represent all departments at the City of Seattle, it is through their hard work that we have so many rich datasets to share with the public.

Expect more updates from the Open Data team throughout 2018 as we move forward with delivering upon our 2018 Open Data plan!


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