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Cable in Seattle: Know Your Rights As a Building Owner

In your own your home, cable is relatively straightforward. But issues can become unclear when interacting with tenants.  It can be time confusing and complicated if you manage or own buildings where service is consistently transferred between tenants or switched on and off at the end of a lease agreement. Nationally recognized cable and telecommunications expert… [ Keep reading ]

See ‘Sea IT’ Here

On Wednesday, April 15, 2015, about 140 City of Seattle and King County IT professionals got together for the first-ever Sea IT Conference. It was an opportunity to showcase new projects and services across IT in Seattle. In addition, we had some guest speakers from industry to talk about the… [ Keep reading ]

“Privacy Politics” on Seattle Speaks

“Are we losing our privacy?” That’s the question at Town Hall as the Seattle Speaks series focuses on “Privacy Politics”. Tonight, a very important panel discussion will take place that effects everyone. In this era of open government, data is critical to the promise of efficiency and transparency. But does releasing… [ Keep reading ]