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City of Seattle releases Generative Artificial Intelligence Policy defining responsible use for City employees

The City of Seattle has released the Generative Artificial Intelligence (AI) policy this week. The final policy comes after a six-month working period with the Generative AI Advisory Team and City employees. The policy takes a principle-based approach to governing the use of Generative AI based on the City’s governing principles. This allows for flexibility to use new technology while ensuring City employees adhere to the guidelines.

The policy highlights several key factors to responsible use for City employees, including;

  • Attributing AI-generated work
  • Having an employee review all AI work before going live
  • Limiting the use of personal information to help build the materials AI uses to develop its product.
  • Any work with a third-party vendor or tool must also include these principles for AI.

These factors, among the others in the policy, will help mitigate risks that have the potential to adversely affect the City’s ability to fulfill its legal commitments and obligations regarding how we use and manage data and information.

City employees using AI technology will be held accountable for compliance with these commitments. All AI technology must go through the same technology reviews as any other new technologies. Those reviews take an in-depth look at privacy, compliance, and security, among others.

Read the full Generative AI policy here.

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