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Every voice matters in the City of Seattle’s 2023 Technology Access Survey

If you had $1,000 or $10,000 to help the City of Seattle focus on digital equity, how would you spend it? Would you invest in helping people sign up for the federal internet discount, provide laptops, or offer skills training? Who would you give the funds to and how would you distribute them equitably? These are the questions the City of Seattle, community organizations, and other funders face as we work together to close the digital divide.

The City of Seattle’s Technology Access and Adoption survey, underway now through mid-April, will help answer those questions. The results will also measure the progress we’ve made towards sufficient internet for all and whether residents have the skills and comfort needed to use technology to learn, earn, participate online, and meet everyday needs.

Postcards and surveys have been sent to 19,500 households across Seattle and this year it’s available in eight languages (English, Español, 中文, Tiếng Việt, Af-Soomaali, አማርኛ , 한국어, and Tagalog). If you’re invited to participate by receiving a survey in the mail or by email, we hope you’ll help by responding. Every voice matters!

A lot has changed since our last survey in 2018. Because of the global pandemic in 2020, the way we utilize technology has evolved tremendously. This year’s survey results will help guide digital equity programs and funding to help Seattle residents. They will tell us the unique challenges people face, the training they desire, and much more.

Seattle Schools and Seattle Housing Authority are helping the City of Seattle reach out to survey participants and will also utilize the results. To ensure the voices of Seattle Native community members are represented, we’re partnering with Tribal Technology Training (T3) to provide print surveys or a survey link for the Native community. We’re excited to be working together on this important data. In the past, we didn’t have enough surveys completed by Native residents to have statistically valid results to share.

The results will also inform King County and Washington State digital equity planning, which is underway, and provide evidence for where federal funds and other support are needed. This year, we’re adding to the data and depth with focus groups, which are being conducted by Inclusive Data. Pacific Market Research and Olympic Research Group are our partners for the main survey.

If you’re invited to complete the survey, it’s available in print or can be completed online. We’ve also set up a phone number if people prefer to call or have questions (see below). The survey and materials are on our website at

The survey answers are collected together, and no personal information is shared. The survey takes about 15 minutes or less to fill out. Those randomly selected to participate and who complete the survey also have the chance to enter a drawing to be one of six winners of a $100 gift card. We’ll have the results available in late summer and look forward to sharing them widely!

If you receive a survey invitation, please fill it out.  If you have questions, contact or call (855) 300-7447. More information about the survey, including the questionnaire, can be found at the City of Seattle Information Technology Department’s Digital Equity website: