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Technology Grants are coming! Learn what’s new!

Welcome to the first part of the Technology Matching Fund & Digital Navigator Cohort Grant blog series! In this series, Seattle IT will be covering the Technology Matching Fund and Digital Network Cohort which is a project to build onto Seattle’s Digital Equity Statement and how qualifying non-profits can apply.  

Seattle’s Digital Statement declares that “Seattle is working together for digital equity, to ensure all residents and neighborhoods have the information technology capacity needed for civic and cultural participation, employment, lifelong learning, and access to essential services. We collaborate with education, community and business partners on intentional strategies and investments to create opportunities and to reduce and eliminate historical barriers to technology access and use.” 

To achieve this, the City of Seattle has increased the annual Technology Matching Fund; in 2022, $620,000 will be available to community organizations for their digital equity projects. The grant will be awarding up to $25,000 for qualifying non-profit organizations in Seattle. Projects will have to be completed within one year or less and applicants must match at least twenty-five percent of their funding request with cash, time, or other contributions.  

If a project is seeking Technology Matching Funds, the project’s proposal should aim to increase internet access and adoption through: 

  • Skills training by empowering residents through digital literacy skills training and support.  
  • Devices and technical support by ensuring affordable, available, and sufficient devices and the support needed to use them effectively. 
  • Connectivity by providing internet to low-income residents by expanding wi-fi or another means, and/or assisting with low-cost internet option awareness and enrollment support 

The Technology Matching Fund requires a community match. Which can include one out of the five following categories or a combination of them: 

  • In-Kind Match: Materials or supplies such as computers, furniture, software or paper. Additional cost of utilities for the space for the project. Or Staff time dedicated to the project, but not paid for by the Technology Matching Fund dollars. 
  • Volunteer Match: Volunteer labor valued at $20 per hour. Volunteer hours may be counted starting on the application due date. Professional services valued at the “reasonable and customary rate” up to a maximum of $100 per hour. Application preparation expenses up to $200. 
  • Cash Match: Money you have collected and approved for use on your project. Money you will raise during your project by fundraising Grants received from other foundations for your project. 

Applications for the Technology Matching Fund are due on May 13, 2022. Up until May 13, 2022, will be a series of webinars that serve as information sessions and office hours.  

Stay tuned for part two of Seattle IT’s Technology Matching Fund & Digital Navigator Cohort Grant blog series! Part two will discuss the new Digital Navigator Grant Cohort that will expand Seattle IT’s work with Digital Equity! 

You can learn more about Digital Equity grants by following this link: