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Back to school technology tips

As school rolls back into session, it’s important to set your kids up for success technologically. Below are a few tech tips to get started! 

Accessorize your equipment 

Think about how much of your child’s time will be on the computer. In some cases, such as students who are continuing school virtually, it may be worth it to get accessories like a keyboard or headset to best equip them. For younger kids, a protective case may be beneficial to keep expensive gear protected, especially if they are taking their device to and from school. 

Keep it safe 

For a child taking their electronic device to school — where it can easily be misplaced — a strong password can be helpful in the likelihood of the device getting lost. This could also be a small step for younger kids to practice ownership and responsibility, as they will have to remember the password to log on and must keep it to their self. 

Parental controls  

Lots of devices and browsers allow restrictions on what applications or sites kids can watch, and for how long. During a time dominated by technology, this can be useful to get kids off their devices when possible and to keep them safe from inappropriate or malicious sites while logged on.  


If your child’s school uses Microsoft Office, try synching your calendars so you can keep track of what they are up to and help keep them on schedule. This can also help you both remember important appointments or school events! 

Good luck with the new school year!