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Hack the Commute: The Final Three


It’s down to the final three. Three teams of coders competing for the “Hack the Commute” championship. To get here, it was hours of coding, collaborating and competing over several weekends in April.

These teams move on to the Championship Round today (April 29) in the Bertha Knight Landes Room in Seattle City Hall:

Live demo
Screenshots and repo
Team: Allie Deford, Nicholas Bolten, Reagan Middlebrook, Veronika Sipeeva

This app is developed to help people who use wheelchairs plan their routes in Seattle, taking into account their specific accessibility needs. It can be used as an extention to OneBusAway application or as a separate tool. Today, the app allows users to check the terrain around the bus stop for accessibility issues, report obstacles and verify information contribued by other users. The future goal is to allow users to search for an accesible route based on their preferences.

Screenshots and repo
Team: Ash Bhoopathy, Andrew Charkin, Michael Charkin
Informal. On-demand. Trusted. The best way to find friendly colleagues to commute with.
This app is designed for iOS.

WorkOrbit (produced by Geohackers for Good)
Screenshots and repo
Team: Allan Yeung, Adrienne Kerr, Andy Barr, Darren Mills
We aim to help new residents of Seattle find the right neighborhood with an experience that encourages informed transit choices.

We have some very generous prizes for the winning team from our sponsors:

Additionally, the winning tool will be featured in Socrata‘s app store, highlighted during the next Civic Cocktail and presented at the Smart Cities conference on June 1st in Washington DC.

Tickets are free.