Cyberattack-alert system could be model for U.S.

Cyberattack-alert system could be model for U.S.
Washington state system alerts for cyberattacks, botnets, comprised desktops
By Ellen Messmer, Network World | March 08, 2011 08:54 AM ET

An ambitious project to create a statewide cyber-alert “early warning” system in the state of Washington to link with the federal Department of Homeland Security (DHS) is starting to take shape and could be a cybersecurity monitoring model for other states.

The “Public Regional Information Security Event Management” system (PRISEM) is designed to offer an online early warning about everything from botnet incursions on compromised desktops to possible full-fledged cyber-attacks from terrorists. As now designed, PRISEM will use customized security and information event management (SIEM) equipment from NitroSecurity that’s being kept at the University of Washington’s Applied Physics Lab where researchers will assist on the project, says Michael Hamilton, CISO of Seattle.

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Vulnerability in Windows Help and Support Center

Please be aware of a new vulnerability that could infect your computer from either a poisoned website or an email attachment.

If your computer is infected any access to Windows Help and Support center can be hijacked and open you up to complete control of your computer by the attacker.

There is no patch from Microsoft out yet, but we are deploying work-arounds and other controls citywide that should protect your City computers.

As always, we advise you to be extra vigilant when browsing the internet and to treat any links received in email messages with extreme caution.