‘Anonymous’ Hackers Plan To Shut Down The Internet This Saturday

The hacktivist organization known as Anonymous has announced its plans to disable the Internet this Saturday, March 31st.

Operation Global Blackout 2012 looks to shut down the Internet by disabling its 13 core DNS servers, responsible for resolving domain names to IP address, thus making websites inaccessible. Cyber security experts claim that it is unlikely that such an attack would be effective.

“The Anonymous hackers can certainly cause local pockets of disruption, but these disruptions are going to be localized to networks where their attack machines are located, or where their ‘reflectors’ are located”, said Robert Graham of Errata Security. “It’s unlikely they could take all of them down, at least for any period of time.On the day of their planned Global Blackout, it’s doubtful many people would notice.”

From BGR By: Dan Graziano

Source: http://www.bgr.com/2012/03/28/anonymous-hackers-plan-to-shut-down-the-internet-this-saturday