Google Addresses 9 Security Holes in Chrome 18

A total of 9 vulnerabilities were resolved by Google with the release of the new stable variant of the Chrome web browser.

It turns out that some of the security holes that were addressed in Chrome 18 rely on the studies performed by the company during the Pwnium competition.

So what was fixed? In the high severity category we have a memory corruption in Skia, a use-after-free issue in SVG clipping and an off-by-one flaw in the OpenType Sanitizer.

The medium severity vulnerabilities include a bad interaction that may have led to a cross-site scripting (XSS) in EUC-JP, a checking error in the SPDY proxy certificate, and invalid read in V8, and a couple of out-of-bounds read problems in SVG text handling and in text fragmentation handling.

From Softpedia By Eduard Kovacs